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Entry #2


2010-07-12 11:44:25 by waiyan

finally done with the man who can't be moved :D


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2010-07-12 13:58:50

That was a great video, speaking of which I sent recommendation that it be added to the music video collection :D

waiyan responds:

:D thank you so much!


2010-07-12 18:38:39

Great animation, i would really like to see in the future a remastered vertion of it as your animation skills increase. Not saying that it wan't good, it was great in fact, just that i see a lot of untapped potential in you. Anyways, keep up the great work and ill wait for your next animation.


2010-07-13 00:12:08

Dude, this is awesome! I luv the animation just as much as i luv the music. The lyrics and the animation falls rite into place and everything fits perfectly. Great job man!


2010-07-15 20:47:22

i got 3 things to say bout that animation
1 epic
2 make more
3 im pretty sure everyboy agrees with 1 and 2


2010-07-16 00:07:24

sorry i meant everybody not every boy lol

waiyan responds:

lol xD